FAQs – Order Form

Please send all enquiries, order forms and payment proofs via email info@drmotivate.com

Can I send an order form to Dr Motivate via Fax?

Yes, please send to our fax no. 2811-9223.

When is the order cutoff time everyday?

At 1 pm every day. Orders after 1 pm will be processed in the next business day.

Can I defer the payment after receiving the invoice?

No, please settle the payment within 30 days of the invoice date. Penalty for late payment is the forfeiture of the trainer discount on the next 3 orders.

Is there a deadline for the First Time Order Form?

Yes, the first time order has to be placed within 30 days upon completion of PD Level I/II Qualifying Workshops.

Is there any special offer when I place my first time order?

First-order within 30 days upon completion of PD Level 1/ Level 2 qualifying workshop is eligible for free shipping (Hong Kong address only) and 25% off discount without quantity limit.

What if I cannot find the required materials on the First Time Order Form?

Please refer to the PD English and Chinese Combined Order Form which can be downloaded on our web page.