FAQs – Payment Methods/ Shipment

Please send all enquiries, order forms and payment proofs via email info@drmotivate.com

What payment methods can be used for the purchase?

We accept FPS, Bank Deposit/ Transfer and Cheque, please email the deposit slip or payment proof (screen capture) to info@drmotivate.com.

How is the shipping fee calculated?

Shipping and handling rate on physical materials is 5% of the after-discount amount for both Express and Standard Delivery Services. Shipping to areas outside of Hong Kong will be calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the destination.

(There is no shipping fees on online materials.)

Is the shipping fee paid by customers?

No, the shipping fee is included in the invoice sum. The shipping fee is 5% charge of the after discount sales amount. HK$30  shipping surcharge will be applied if the after discount sales amount is less than HK$1,000.

Can I settle the payment in advance and send the payment proof along with the order form to save the handling time?

No, the payment will only be accepted after the quotation or invoice is sent.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the order of materials in stock and 10 business days for the order of materials out of stock.

Which shipping methods are used by Dr Motivate?

SF Express will take care of orders less than HK$10000. For orders over HK$10000, it will be delivered by local courier will be used.

When will the delivery be arranged after payment?

After receiving the payment proof , we will arrange the delivery according to the selected delivery services on the order form. For ‘Express’ Delivery Service, delivery will be arranged within 2 business days (No Trainer Discount). For ‘Standard’ Delivery Service, delivery will be arranged within 3-5 business days (With Trainer Discount). Special items that are not stocked will be shipped within 10 business days.


Can the order be delivered to Macau?

Yes, please note that delivery to Macau will be charged 10% shipping fee of the after discount sales amount, adjustment subject to the district.

Can I pick up my order at the office of Dr Motivate?

No pick-up option is available. All orders will be shipped. In case the trainer opts for picking up the order under urgent situation, the shipping fee will be applied and cannot be waived.

Can the delivery be arranged before settling the payment?

Orders will be delivered after payment.

How can the shipment be tracked?

We will send a notification email to the customer after delivery, the email will provide the tracking number of SF Express. You can track it on the SF Express website. If the order is delivered by local courier, please contact us directly at 2811-9100.