FAQs – Quotation/ Invoice/ Receipt

Please send all enquiries, order forms and payment proofs via email info@drmotivate.com

How to get a quotation for the organization?

Please indicate your organization name on the billing information and you require a quotation on the order form.

Can I split an order into several invoices?

Yes, please indicate the items to be listed on each invoice via email.

Can the (10+) price be applied if I purchase both the Chinese & English versions for the same materials in the sum of 10+? (e.g. 5 Chinese Picture Cards + 5 English Cards)

No. Each item will be charged individually.

Can the billing address be different from shipping address?

Yes, please indicate the billing address and shipping address clearly on the order form.

Is the original official receipt included in the shipment?

The original official receipt and invoice will be included in the shipment. If other arrangements are required, please indicate clearly on the order form.

Can the payment method on the receipt be shown as cash instead of direct debit?

Yes, please let us know via email.

Can the Quotation/Invoice/Receipt be re-printed if I have lost it?

Yes, please note that the wording “Reissue” will be printed on the replacement Quotation/Invoice/Receipt.

Can the Quotation/Invoice/Receipt be revised?

Quotation/Invoice/Receipt can only be revised free of charge twice. Please note that $50 Administration Fee will be charged for each additional request thereafter.